Friday, March 06, 2015

Bye To Pari

The old needs to make way for the new.. and 2 days back, on the 4th, we said bye to Pari, our Sea Grey Ford, who needs to make way for Myra (our Misano Red Audi A3 Technology 35 TDi), who is due to make a stunning entrance on Monday! We would have got her yesterday, but the RTO decided to take a long weekend off...

It's been a couple of weeks since we booked her - an exciting time of negotiations and balancing commercial interests with relationships, and while I cannot divulge more details, respecting the interests of the concerned parties, I should say I have been thoroughly gladdened and pleased with how both HDFC and Audi have treated us.

Way to go, guys!

Movie Review: Dum Laga Ke Haisha

DLKH is a romcom with a serious streak and a social message: you don't need to be size 0 with the looks of a diva. Love is universal, you just got to look for it.

Aayushman Khurana plays a 10th napaas boy in Haridwar who is pressured by his parents to marry the super-sized Bhumi Pednekar, who is B Ed, with the potential to be the bread winner for the family. After a few very uncomfortable nights together, when they are unable to consummate the marriage, the girl has had enough and walks out of his home and his life, back to her parents. When a divorce court advises them to try and reconcile their differences for another 6 months before granting the separation, all it takes is a "husband carries the wife" race to bond them together and discover their love.

The movie is shot in the crumbling bylanes and ghats of the holy city, and you can almost smell the age of the crumbling wall plasters, the tapes, and the Bajaj scooters. Kumar Sanu's voice will bring back memories of the 90s. Aayushman and Bhumi do a great job, and the supporting cast is fantastic.

Watch it for something offbeat.

Train In Paradise

A train in the Kashmir valley - just an absolute stunner of a pic!

Welcome To The 40s

Celebrated my 40th birthday the other day... with family, and cousins from Mumbai. Had a lovely day - the rains overnight had brought a 14 degree windy chill to the city, the cloudy weather made it perfect for a cosy day at home.

The cake was amazing - my wifey and kiddo had managed to put a beautiful summary of my life on a lemon grass cake - have a look!

Movie Review: Ab Tak Chappan 2

It's as bad as it gets. Predictable. Emotionless. No build up. Nothing in it absolutely. Even Nana can't save this one.

Movie Review: What We Did On Our Holiday

Here's one offbeat movie that will really shock you as subtly as it can, and leave a lasting impression long after it has finished. It's about celebrating all our faults and our mistakes, and still loving life. It's about moving on, accepting everything that life throws at us.

And yes, an absolutely stunning Rosamund Pike, in a role that makes her a lot more lovable than the deadly Gone Girl.

Movie Review: The Interview

Finally, I got my hands on the movie that almost triggered a nuclear war between the US and North Korea!

If I were the Korean fella, I would be pretty pissed too! :)

The Right Cat For The Job