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Speechless... still reeling from the shock!!!!

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Movie Review: House at the End of the Street

Seeking a fresh start, Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) and her daughter Elissa (my super favorite, the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence) find the house of their dreams in a small town. Against Sarah's wishes, Elissa embarks on a relationship with the reclusive Ryan next door, the son of parents who were brutally murdered by their crazed daughter. But the truth is far more chilling...

The movie is fine... and if you are a Jeniffer Lawrence fan, it's a DVD well worth the time!

Movie Review: The Colony

Attempts to control the weather have gone terribly wrong, and the Earth is gripped by a deadly cold wave... only a few colonies of humans remain, and they will do anything to survive.

Didn't sound too exciting, but a decent cast and fast paced action keeps your interest. Might have been even better in the theatres...

Movie Review: The Conjuring

The Conjuring is about two paranormal investigators Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (the very pretty Vera Farmiga) who are summoned to investigate a ghostly presence in an old house recently inhabited by Carolyn and Roger Perron (Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor) with their five sweet little daughters. 

From the death of their dog, to horrifying instances of birds flying into the house and breaking their necks, it is soon clear that all is not normal. 

There is no gore, and very little violence until the end. And maybe that's where the real horror lies - it is so "normal" for most part, it could easily happen to you!

Movie Review: Assault On Wall Street

Jim (Domnic Purcell) is an honest security truck driver, making ends meet for himself and his beautiful wife Rosie (Erin Karpluk), who is just recovering from an illness. However, their lives are shattered when Rosie's health insurance company stops covering her expenses, and the economic crisis on Wall Street claims all of Jim's savings. Penniless and helpless, abused and exploited by the lawyers and the brokers, Jim flips the last switch when his pretty wife slashes her wrists in one desperate attempt to help him recover.

That's when all hell breaks lose on Wall Street.

The build up to the crises is amazingly executed, you can't help but feel really sad for the couple, and you root for Jim when he unleashes his fury.

And long after the movie is over, you will keep asking yourself.. who, really, are the true criminals out there?

Movie Review: Passion

The intense professional rivalry between the manipulative boss of a top advertising agency and her talented protégée rapidly hurtles from stealing credit, to obsession and murder. The beautiful Rachel McAdams as the boss and Noomi Rapace in a brilliant performance as her junior add spice to this edge of the seat thriller, which really takes off towards the end...

Movie Review: Killing Season

Two veterans of the Bosnian war, face off one last time in the jungles, desperate to hunt before being hunted,  while an unlikely bond develops between them. Excellent performances by Robert Di Niro and John Travolta will keep you engrossed, although the movie itself doesn't have too much to offer.

Movie Review: The Host

Aliens threaten to take over the Earth by inhabiting human minds and taking over their bodies. Until they encounter one host who refuses to give up her mind.

An interesting idea, but executed in a way that makes the movie feel a drag.

Unless, of course, you are a fan of the amazing Saoirse Ronan. But then, you can always watch Hanna again!

Profile at India HR Live

Got profiled at India HR Live earlier this month...


Try It - The Chennai Express Game!

Nageshi Temple Talav

Peeping Out

Don't know what, but I just loved the way this Scorpio peeps out from behind the mini bus in front..

My Hot New Girlfriend

Quote For The Day

Pretentious and unsophisticated elitism is when you appreciate Harry Potter and cannot digest the success of Chennai Express! Appreciating cinema needs a cinema scope much wider than 70 mm.
Someone on Twitter.

Good To See, But Deadly To Eat!

Power Of The Common Man

Spanning Generations

Babush is hot property. Circa 2013 :)

Baby Babush

Not too much of a baby any more, but still just as cute!

The Mutha In the Morning,..


Stopped by at the small town of Quepem, a taluka headquarters, in South Goa last week.. on the way back from the famous Zambaulim temple. Had snacks at a lovely local eatery, paav and bhaaji! The old lady at the counter entertained us thoroughly by blasting an old man who dared to call her aai! Lol...

Notice the bright orange laddoos on the counter?

And then Sanam wanted to buy Tinkles and a NTSE exam preparatory guide from the tiny bookstall... the owner was so excited, he even gave us some freebies!

Small things, so much happiness...

Chennai Express Pentabaara

Yep, caught it for the fifth time last night.. enjoyed it just as thoroughly...!!!

Here are some things I really love about it... and points to note when you watch it next...

1) The locales, the hues, the light filters, the camera angles. Notice the shot of train entering the tunnel, and later, zooming through the forest in the early morning light. Notice the bright red of the dancers against the greenish background in Titli. Notice the colors in Kashmi to Kanyakumari. Such a beautiful canvas!

2) Deepika - absolutely delicious! Notice the way she uses her mouth for that cute South Indian accent. The way she says "pura gaav baagega" on the jeep. The way she looks at him when he climbs up to the temple. Absolutely cute!

3) The one-liners, the parody, the references to old movies. Very sweet and simple, and effective!

4) The songs... like in all SRK movies, the album feels very ordinary when you first hear the songs.. but then, over time, with the context of the movie and the visuals, the way it grows and grows on you! Kanyakumari, Tera raasta chodoon na, Titli.. absolutely beautiful numbers, and shot so well.. a treat for the senses.

5) The action scenes - watch the car crashes, the riders falling off the bikes... hats off to Shetty!

6) SRK's coming timing, his dialogue delivery, the change from the brash 40 year old refusing to grow up, to the man who is willing to risk everything for the sake of his love. The end game, the dialogue, delivered as one long passionate plea, with anger, yet fully grounded in reality. Very well done! The way he says, "bahut simple hai, boss.... "

7) And most importantly, the idea of making a movie in three languges, seamless working with each other, leaving the audience totally engrossed... the clever use of the voice overs, elimnating any need for any subtitles, without making it repetitive. Cannot imagine any foreign movie managing that!

No 6 and 7 coming up this week, hopefully :)

Mercedes Eggs

My tribute to the three-pointed star! :)

Pretty yummy way to begin the Sunday!

Movie Review: Madras Cafe

For a country fixated on its Western front, here's a movie that focuses attention on our tiny Southern neighbour and the decades of ethnic conflict and civil war that claimed lakhs of innocent civilian lives, and dealt a humiliating blow to the mighty Indian Army.

Madras Cafe is about a RAW officer, Major Vikram Singh (John Abraham), deputed to Jaffna with a mission to neutralize Anna, the dreaded and defiant LTF leader who refuses to surrender arms and return to negotiations, to help bring in peaceful provincial elections, a personal mission of the Indian PM. With the help of a foreign war journalist (Nargis Fakhri), Vikram reaches out to the LTF second in command, with an aim to splinter Anna's army and render him toothless. As one operation after another goes horribly wrong, and finally claims the resignation of the PM, it soon becomes clear that there is a mole in RAW and Delhi's corridors of power, and the deadly game of geopolitics finally hurtles towards the grisly end - the human bomb assassination of the ex PM at a massive pre-election rally.

MC is a promising film, a commendable effort, and worth watching on the big screen, for a number of reasons. It is fast paced, the locales and the cinematography is great, the detailing is awesome, the action realistic, and for most part, it is pretty engrossing. Shots of giant choppers floating over misty jungles, the roars of the rotors vibrating through the Dolby speakers from one side of the theatre to the other, are wonderful. John Abraham puts in a decent performance, and is very comfortable when he dons the fatigues. Rashi Khanna is wonderfully cast as the loving, caring and very lonely wife of the officer - and impresses in her tiny role. Nargis is hot, her pouting lips and svelte figure lights up the screen, whenever she does manage to get onto it. The Tigers are also beautifully cast, and Siddharth Basu makes a great debut on the big screen, after all those amazing years running quiz shows.

The use of alternate names and references, steals from the drama and distracts attention. Rajiv Gandhi is referred to as the PM, and at times as the ex PM, but never by name. The actor playing Gandhi has the overall look right, but one wonders whether all the noise in the media about his "uncanny" resemblance was just a plant, because it is not so uncanny after all! The LTTE becomes LTF, although the cadres are still referred to as Tigers. Prabhakaran becomes Anna.

But what really robs from the experience is the predetermined end. Knowing that Vikram will fail in the end, knowing that the assassination will happen anyway, is like reading the last page of the big fat suspense novel. It's one thing watching the Marines go after Osama, knowing they will get him in ZDT; it's far less thrilling watching an Indian RAW agent on a hopeless endeavour.

Overall, a good movie, but not a feel good one. Good for the critics, lovers of good cinema, and the "elite" who like frowning on "commercial cinema" - but if you want to have a happy weekend, get on the train, baby :)

Sorry, but I just couldn't resist that one!

Movie Review: The Iceman

Had missed this one in the theatres - got it on DVD the other night.

Based on a true story, The Iceman profiles the life of deadly contract killer Richard Kuklinski from his early beginnings in the mob to his arrest, by which time he had already ruthlessly eliminated more than 100 men. All this, while he lives a dual life as a devoted husband and father.

The movie is slow, and doesn't have the drama I was expecting from the trailers. Guess it wasn't such a bad movie to miss!

Movie Review: Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara

Movies and movie releases have taken on a whole new meaning for me recently, after having started working for the King Khan and Red Chillies. And Once Upon has a special relevance, since it kicked off a mini storm by trying to take on Chennai Express on Eid. Better sense prevailed in the Ekta Kapoor camp, and the movie was pushed by a week for an Inependence Day release, a week later. Sadly, it brought no cheer to the movie's fans... an insipid cast and execution, and the unstoppable Chennai Express destroyed all hopes of an exciting "contest". In it's second week end, CExp collected more than OUATIMD on it's grand release!

The only thing interesting about the movie - the title. It started off being called OUATIMA, before Again was replaced by Dobaara. But, as they say, what's in a name? A bad movie sucks, whichever name it goes by with!

The first installment was a true gangster movie - Ajay Devgan was exceptional, and was beautifully supported by Emraan, Randeep, Kangana and Prachi Desai. The music, especially numbers like Pee Loon and Tum Jo Aaye, rocked the charts for months - and still bring cheer. And after the movie, I actually felt like researching a bit on Haji Mastan and the gangland ways of Mumbai.

Sadly, OUATIMD offers nothing. The story and screenplay, limited to a flimsy love triangle between the don, his lover, and her lover, borders on ridiculous, in the way it is presented as the core of the movie. The unending play on intercourse, the absolutely juvenile rendition of the award ceremony that propels the "actress" and the don's love interest to fame, and the hopeless climax of the movie are indicative of how shallow the treatment is. Needless sequences, like the don visiting the police station when there's a red alert out for him, are amateurish attempts to create drama where there is none.

Akshay Kumar invokes neither awe nor respect as the dreaded don. He tries too hard with the dialogues, making it seem unnatural and forced. And unlike Singham or Dabangg, I don't think anyone will remember any of them a few mins later. Sonakshi looks pretty, but after a stupendous performance in Lootera, completely disappoints in her unintended "chudail" scene at the end. I had high hopes from Imraan when he started off his career, but he is absolutely wasted in OUATIMD. Sonali Bendra makes an appearance after KHNH, but looks old, jaded and tired. And the music - well, except for the first para of Tayab Ali, it is all completely forgettable.

Sad, because so much was expected from this one!

Another Burst

My blog's just been unable to catch up on all the cool stuff that's happening around us; work keeps me occupied and so many movie reviews, pics and thoughts have been piling up. Got a relatively calm Sunday today, so hopefully, here's another productive burst of blogging!

Let me start with some movie reviews first!

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In More Ways Than One!

Contributing in more ways than one towards the success of Bollywood's biggest grosser, Chennai Express... short video, have a close look, and keep the speakers on :)

What more can I expect from the King Khan??? Indebted for life!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Movie Review: Chennai Express

Everytime you ask yourself.. can he really do it again? Yes, Chak De was about hockey. Swades was beautiful. OSO was a completely different take on love and action. Ra.One was all SFX. Rab Ne, of course! And then came JTHJ. But how different could another love story be?

But SRK does it yet again. With the explosive Rohit Shetty and Deepika Padukone on the team, this express just hurtles through laughs, thrills and tears, the 2 hours whiz by in a flash, and when Lungi Dance lights up the screen with the end credits, you can only take a bow to the Badshah. He'e done it again!

SRK and Deepika put in blazing performances. SRK's sense of humor, his antics and dialogues will keep you in splits from the word Po. Go, I mean! His emotional scenes are also spot on, touching your heart in ways only he can. Deepika looks so beautiful, especially in the song sequences. Her dialogue delivery, a mix of Hindi and Tamil, with that accent, is absolutely the highlight of the movie. And don't miss the chudail scene - just hilarious. And the way she speaks with her expressions... mind-blowing!

Rohit Shetty's direction also blows you away. The camera work is just brilliant - the world never looked so beautiful! Amazing camera angles and light filters create magic in every scene. Notice the shots of the train through the tunnels... stunning! And while there are exploding cars and flying bikes, the hand to hand action is very subdued, and as real as you can reasonably expect from the magician who defies every law of physics!

The songs are just beautiful, woven nicely into the story, and they just freaking grow on you. My personal fav is Kashmir Mai, Tu Kanyakumari. Titli is another beautiful number, and shot even more so. 1 2 3 4 and Lungi Dance will rock in clubs and parties for many many months to come.

The most amazing part of the movie - the dialogues. With a profusion of Tamil (and no subtitles!), it is an amazing gamble that so pays off! As SRK says, love really is a universal language, and needs no further explanations! There are so many lovely references to his old movies, to Singham... the jokes are original, and intelligent. The parodies in the train, and then in the second half - again, a masterstroke of entertainment that will keep the smile on your face for a very long time indeed!

Here's a total entertainer - total paisa vasool! What a wonderful way to celebrate Eid!

High On Chennai Express!

Such a proud moment for us today - seeing the eMee logo in the Chennai Express credits, as the official social media partners, taking the movie buzz to levels never before seen in Bollywood... the movie itself is sure to be a smashing hit and break all BO records... watch out for my review coming up next...

As a die hard SRK fan, what else can one ask for?

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Fashion Is For Everyone

Catrina sports baby pink nail polish!