Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Samara

My baby turned one today! With just under 20000 kms logged, it has been an awesome journey so far. Multiple trips to Goa and Mumbai, and some very memorable trips to Dapoli, Bhandardhara, Nighoj, Lavasa, and other places, Samara has wowed us every single km of the way. Here's wishing her and us a very, very exciting life ahead...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gaye Tum Gaye Ho Kyon

Na Aaye Ho, Na Aaoge, Na Phone Pe Bulaaoge
Na Shaam Ki Karaari Chaai Labon Se Yun Pilaaoge
Na Aaye Ho, Na Aaoge, Na Din Dhale Sataaoge
Na Raat Ki Nashili Bye Se Neend Mein Jagaaoge
Gaye Tum Gaye Ho Kyun, Yeh Raat Baaki Hai
Gaye Tum Gaye Ho Kyun, Saath Baaki Hai
Gaye Tum Gaye Hum Tham Gaye Har Baat Baaki Hai
Gaye Kyun To Jiyein Kyun

Na Aaye Ho, Na Aaoge, Na Dooriyaan Dhikhaaoge
Na Thaam Ke Woh Josh Mein Yun Hosh Se Udaaoge
Na Aaye Ho, Na Aaoge, Na Jhoot Se Sunaaoge
Na Rooth Ke Sirhaane Mein Remote Ko Chupaaoge
Gaye Tum Gaye Ho Kyun, Yeh Raat Baaki Hai
Gaye Tum Gaye Ho Kyun, Saath Baaki Hai
Gaye Tum Gaye Hum Tham Gaye Har Baat Baaki Hai
Gaye Kyun To Jiyein Kyun

Aankh Bhi Tham Gayi, Na Thaki
Raat Bhi Na Bati, Na Kati
Raat Bhi Cherti Maarti
Neend Bhi Lut Gayi, Chhin Gayi
Raat Bhi Na Sahi, Na Rahi
Raat Bhi Laazmi, Zaalimi
Gaye Tum Gaye Ho Kyun, Yeh Raat Baaki Hai
Gaye Tum Gaye Ho Kyun, Saath Baaki Hai
Gaye Tum Gaye Hum Tham Gaye Har Baat Baaki Hai
Gaye Kyun To Jiyein Kyun
Gaye Kyun Jiyein Kyun

Aa... Jiyein Kyun

Na Aaye Ho, Na Aaoge, Na Phone Pe Bulaaoge
Na Shaam Ki Karaari Chaai Labon Se Yun Churaaoge

Movie Review: Dum Maaro Dum

Sun, sea, good food, and the susegaad life. That's Goa for you. And hundreds of movies, including the iconic Dil Chahata Hai, have time and again brought Goa to our screens, enticing tourists by the millions to our beautiful state. Dum Maaro Dum brings to you another reality, also called Goa. Foreign drug mafia, sex and the lure of easy money. And while you will still love coming to Goa, DMD is sure to make you question whether All Izz Well there!

The movie picks up pace right away, thrusting you in the center of the plot from the first scene itself. When a young Goan lad needs funds to help him achieve him dreams of pursuing studies in a US university, his "friend" offers it to him on a plate - all he needs to realise the dreams for his career, is to simply be a one-time carrier for the drug mafia. Meanwhile, fed up of the drug menace, Goa's CM calls in his trusted officer ACP Kamath, to clean the rot. Your game, my rules, says the officer. Having lost his wife and daughter in a drug-induced accident, he has nothing to lose. As he takes on the mafia, tracking the elusive Barbosa, things quickly take a sinister turn...

The movie is fast, with some excellent screenplay, and keeps you hungry for more till the end. The fight scenes are brief, but well done. The accident scene and the sight of the River Princess against the night sky are simply stunning. The dialogue between ACP Kamath and the CM is also very refreshing and definitely breaks new ground.

The sound track includes some beautiful numbers, which will stay with you for a long time. And I am not referring just to the DMD item number... Gaye Kyon Jiyein Kyon is absolutely soulful, and Jaana Hai and Ti Amo will be on your favourites playlist for a long time to come...

Abhishek is good as ACP Kamath, and has some great dialogues and also manages a decent rap number. Bipasha looks sensual as Zoe. Prateik Babbar as the misguided Lorry doesn't impress, but Rana Daggubati as Joki will definitely win some female fans as the handsome guitarist. I also found Anaitha Nair (Aliya Bose from Chak De) as Lorry's girlfriend Taani very cute and believable in the few scenes she has. Govind Namdeo also plays a super role, but Aditya Pancholi as the Goan businessman-rogue is too "typical". He also needed to research his dialogues better - Goankar was just plain wrong - stick to Goan or Goikaar!

And finally, my take on the Deepika vs Katrina debate. Or rather, the debate about which one was the item number of the year. Deepika looks smoking hot, and the close ups of her tummy and her long legs would set the screen on fire if they continued a wee bit longer. Her dance is sensuous, the look on her face is seduction and lure personified. But my vote still goes for Sheila.

A good movie after a long time, a must watch for you, love Goa or not!

PS: Had seen the shooting of the Carnival scene when I was in Goa with some of my office crowd a year or so back... and of my friends at that time even got called to join the dancing crowd for the shot, before they decided to pack up for the day. A budding career nipped in the bud... LOL...

PS2: Dialogue of the movie: When people die, they go to heaven. But when people die in Goa, they just stay there... in heaven!

Beginning Of The End?

While Anna Hazare's Lokpal bill is being drafted and debated, there are definite signs that the long arm of the law is finally catching up with the big fish. Kalmadi, who seemed untouchable at one time, was yesterday arrested by the CBI for his role in the CWG scam, on a day when the CBI also charge sheeted DMK chief Karunanidhi's daughter Kanimozhi in the 2G scam. Raja has already spent more than 2 months in jail, and the courts recently rejected the bail pleas of 5 head honchos of corporates accused of wrong doing in the 2G scam. Tihar is currently housing a large number of "untouchables", and me thinks, this population will only keep growing.

All we need is a couple of convictions, and that, hopfully, will be the beginning of the end of the rampant corruption scandals plaguing this country.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yet Again

No matter how often, how many times and under what circumstances... It always hurts to leave Goa. Back in the bus on the way home to Pune, life's pretty good, but it is never easy leaving...


SAP Ganapati

Majestic, Even In Death

Panasache Zaad

Twenty One Years Ago...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ritz Classic

Had some amazing sea food at the Ritz Classic off 18th June Rd in Panaji last night. A must visit for sea food lovers... but make sure you reach early because getting a seat is always difficult. My personal favorites are the crab dry fry with the fantastic red masala, and the oh so succulent and crispy mussels rava fry with a generous sprinkling of lime juice. We were also treated to a free sampling of Kingfish Cafreal. The Amritsari prawns are also a must try, and for squid lovers, try the squid masala fry.

Pretty To See, Great To Eat!

Snip Spa

Spent couple of hours at the Snip Spa in Candolim yesterday. A fantastic Arab head and shoulder massage, followed by an hour long foot reflexology session, capped by a manicure. Aaah, this is life. Fell into a trance during the pampering... And still there! A must visit on your next trip to Goa, they have other branches too including one in Panaji and one in Mumbai.

Movie Review: Thank You

Another of the unfaithful husband genre like No Entry, Thank You will generate some laughs and is not a bad option for a lazy evening. Sonam looks good, and for once Akshay moves away from his sad avatar into a more Khanesque role. For me, the real attractions were Irrfan Khan is another signature performance, supported ably by a slightly overweight Rimi. Overall, not a bad option, except for the last fifteen min or so, thank you!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie Review: Unknown

Dr Martin Harris (Lian Neeson) and his wife (January Jones) arrive in Berlin for a BioTech summit. As the wife checks into the hotel, the husband realises he's forgotten his attache bag and catches a taxi back to the airport. On the way, the taxi meets with a freak accident...

4 days later, as he wakes up from his coma in hospital, he realises nothing is as it is supposed to be. His wife is at the summit with another man, the "real" Dr Harris.

He tries to retrace the events from that fateful day and get back his stolen identity with the help of the taxi driver (Diane Kruger)... but after being hounded and hunted, he is forced to ask himself... who am I really? What is the truth about me?

A very well written thriller, you might just guess the answer, but it'll be well worth the watch!

Movie Review: Scream 4

An awesome cast led by the absolutely stunning Emma Roberts (the kiddo Nancy Drew from the movie every girl below 10 should see!), Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette and Dane Farwell makes Scream 4 a treat for your eyes, even as you shut them in horror every time the blood spurts on the screen and the guts spill out. Not a true horror movie, this is a killathon with lots of blood and gore, and almost predictable even in its unpredictability.

Watch it for the cast, the story and the horror experience will not make for much.

Movie Review: Just Go With It

Yet another of the "I knew you, but I didn't know I loved you, until I almost got married to that other woman" plots, with some plastic surgery-inspired crass humour and adult jokes... Jeniffer Aniston and Adam Sandler do their usual bit, with some Nicole Kidman and the very hot Brooklyn Decker thrown in for good measure. Oh and yes, the kiddo girl, Bailey Madison as Maggie, she's super!

Not bad at all!

Alfa Market, Ville Parle, Mumbai

Did quite a bit of shopping at the Alfa Market in Ville Parle, Mumbai the other weekend... and it was a pretty interesting experience. Alfa is actually a bunch of 3-4 stores, really cramped and very easy to miss unless you know what you are looking for. In a small lane on the right off SV Road, just between Andheri and Ville Parle stations, it's one of the typical Laxmi Road kinda shopping experiences, not an air-conditioned mall. However, you get some amazing imported stuff, at rock bottom prices, and is guaranteed to be original. Perfumes, chocolates, electronics... quite a collection, really.

Another interesting aspect is the way their operations work. You do your selections against a token, and the stuff is then sent to a bunch of pigeonholes - with the counter salesman having written your token number on it. When you are  done, go to the cash counter - give your token number, and the stuff will come to you for billing.

It's truly a cash counter - there's no credit or debit cards. Not just that - the guy will typically return you change, even if it includes hundred rupee notes, or 500 for that matter - in crisp, new currency! There is no detailed bill, all you get is something that resembles a bus ticket - with even lesser information - just the prices, a table that resembles something like:


That's your bill.

Even more interesting... the moment the cashier totals up the bill, he rounds it off to the nearest hundred, and returns you the change, even before you have opened your purse to pay. So, if your bill is 3375, he will give you 125 along with the "bill", and say "3500", and you are cleared to go.

Do try it out next time you are in the Maximum City!

IPL Updates

Yet another another, yet another MOM for Paul Valthaty, proving it wasn't completely a fluke the other day. Not only did Paul smash 75 in 40 odd balls, he also contributed strongly with the ball, taking 4 for 29. Of course, 3 of those came through his secret split finger slow ball, and it will be interesting to see how he copes with the teams who have now watched him and understood his secret.

Been a good IPL so far, with or without Modi. Most fans though are still confused about loyalties, especially after most franchisees went for a complete makeover from the teams in the first 3 seasons. KKR are looking strong under Gambhir, leaving Calcutta fans with a unique problem - protest because of Dada's absence or enjoy the resurgence of the team? And if Dada had finally got his break with Kochi (which didn't happen due to tournament rules..), it would have been a serious question of loyalties for Calcuttans, and SRK + Dada fans like me! The games have been good, the action has been rivetting, and while Kochi has not yet come to the party, Pune Warriors have added some good spice to the action. So now I have an added question - support my home team, or my SRK team? And with Captain Dhoni in CSK, the Pune-Chennai encounter will seriously test me :) And for the normal Puneite, who adores Sachin, the Mumbai-Pune match will border on blasphemy!

No wonder, I am an athiest! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paul Valthaty

Keep a watch on this guy Paul Valthaty... only the 4th Indian so far to hit a century in the IPL, he brought defending champs and Champions Trophy winner CSK down to their knees in a 50 ball 100, making the target of 189 runs look easy for Punjab! For once, Dhoni seemed clueless, and even dropped a skier!

Hope it's not a flash in the pan... because in him, India has a winner!

Mumbai Tourists

This time around in Mumbai, we spent a lot of time touring the city - away from the usual attractions of InOrbit and Atria malls :) Here are some experiences of Mumbai from a tourist's eye...

First, the Jeejamata Udyan (Byculla Zoo). Most of the animals are gone, and the Zoo now awaits a multi crore renovation. All we could catch are 3 monkeys, a rhino, 2 elephants, 2 hippos, a hyena, a croc and a bear...

The majestic clock tower at the entrance is beautiful - just like so many similar buildings in Mumbai, especially in downtown.

Interesting multi-barrel cannon - hadn't seen one like this before!

The animals are missing, but there were some amazing, giant trees that made the trip worthwhile!

Medieval torture chambers like these are thankfully out of service now - can only imagine the hell the animals would have gone through in the early days of the Zoo.

Next stop, the Taj and downtown Mumbai.

It's always an amazing feeling being here, and every visit to the Taj makes me realise how well this city and this country has fought back terrorism and how pointless the 26/11 attacks have been. Another evening in Mumbai as a proud Indian.

The shark fin and crab meat soup at the Golden Dragon was simply out of this world. The lamb stir fry with cumin and prawns garlic also rocked.

What rocked most was the hospitality. The waiter who served us was Elvis, a Goan, who told us his experiences from that fateful night. He also treated us to the Bud Tea - an amazing concoction with hot water and a finger-sized dry grass like bud, which opens up into a beautiful "flower" in a matter of seconds in the hot water. We also got four scoops of delicious ice cream.

Being driven around town in a beautiful horse drawn carriage is a lot of fun.

From there, we went to the Planetarium, and a day later, to the Nehru Science Center - both must-do visits when you have kids with you. Both are close by, in Worli. Also make sure you land up there as early in the day as possible, so you get to see the various shows and movies, which wind up by late evening.

A tourist trip to Mumbai is incomplete without a visit to Esselworld.

I am not too much into the rides, but this Aqua Dive is really fun - you hurtle down in the car from a huge slope straight into the pool, and come out soaking wet. Terrific fun!

Some of the rides made me go white with terror!

With Varun, wet as a kitten, after the Aqua Dive.

The Golden Pagoda, being built as a meditation center by the Goenka group, is a fantastic edifice, and worth a visit. Looks absolutely majestic in the sun! Still a lot of work in progress, though..

And finally, it was time for the horse power to rest and refresh with coffee and pakodas.

All in all, a good trip, and an excellent way to reboot after a difficult week in office.

Pee Loon :)

Sanam and Prachi Desai at the Taj restroom... the song from Once Upon A Time In Mumbai suddenly seems so appropriate!

Mumbai's Protector - The Marksman

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Close To Perfect

Rajnikant Joke

When Graham Bell discovered the telephone, he found two missed calls from Rajnikant!!

WP7 Cut and Paste

Latest update of Windows Mobile 7 now includes cut and paste :) Long awaited!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

New Look Samara

Finally got Samara a bull bar worthy of the baby! Original equipment from Planet Ford. Now, autorickshaws, BEWARE!

Missed Call

Show your support for Anan Hazare's anti-corruption crusade and demand for the Lok Pal Bill. The India Against Corruption movement has recently launched a unique drive where if you support the movement all you need to do is give a missed call to 022-61550789. While the aim is to receive 25 lakh missed calls, the Mumbai number has received 6.6 lakh missed calls in a month from different parts of the country, with an average of 2,000 per day.

Come on, pick up your cell and dial 022-61550789 NOW! It doesn't cost you a penny, only a want to make a difference.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Lt Col Dhoni

Yes, before he formally becomes Dr Dhoni, it will be Lt Col Dhoni with immediate effect, after the Indian Army gave him the honorary commission into the Territorial Army... Pakis, beware! :)

And the IAF will be letting Dhoni take a spin in a Sukhoi. Captain Cool is literally gonna fly!

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Bald Dr Dhoni

Captain Cool already sports a new avataar, a sexy bald head, having shaved it off as an offering to the gods after our win. And with the Jharkhand government deciding to confer an honorary doctorate on him, Mahi will soon need to be addressed as Dr Dhoni :)

Way to go, Mahi!!!

Now let's get the IPL4 cup for Chennai, the next T20 cup from England, beat England and Australia in their own backyard this summer, and well, prepare for the next WC?

Ok, Ok, you can take a couple of days off before that!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

National Identities

Got this SMS forward addressed to a certain political leader in Maharashtra...

A Chandigarh lad, a Jharkhand captain and a Delhi boy won the World Cup for us and dedicated it to a Maharashtrian legend. What do you have to say on this?

Paes-Bhupathi No.1

Meanwhile, Paes-Bhupathi have won their second title of the season in Miami, to get to World No 1 in the ATP Doubles ranking...

Mumbai Proves A Point

And in the middle of the excitement and fervour of the victory, let us not lose sight of one very important aspect... just a few months back, barely a few meters from the Wankhede, Mumbai was brutally assaulted by a band of 10 terrorists focussed on hurting the city and scarring its reputation and spirit forever. The city burned, the people bled and cried in pain and horror.

But yesterday, this city (and the country!) once again rose to the occasion, hosting a superb tournament, safe and secure for millions of Indians and guests alike. And what can be a better statement than seeing the biggest of the big, Rahul and Sonia, and scores of celebrities, sitting among the common people, soaking in the atmosphere, free from the iron clad security of the black cats?

Go India Go! The world is truly at your feet! De Ghumake! Bleed Blue!

World Champions!

The World At Our Feet

Anhoni Ko Honi Karde
Honi Ko Anhoni
Ek Jagah Jab Jama Ho Tino
Aur Dhoni!

This SMS doing the rounds yesterday, based on the famous song from Big B's Amar Akbar Anthony, said it all. With everyone from India's superhero Rajni, who can do no wrong, Ghajini (Aamir) who can remember nothing from the past and can only look straight at action in the future, and Dhoni, the captain of captains, coming together as a nation with a single dream, this Indian team beat all odds, all naysayers, all statistics, all history, and some very strong competition to lift the World Cup for the second time after 28 years.

I was just an 8 year old back in 1983 when Kapil's Devils beat the Windies in a very big upset, and with no TV at home, have faint memories of watching the match at my cousin's place. Like my daughter today, I understood when folks got out, I knew my 4s from my 6s, but mid wicket and silly mid on made no sense. Well, frankly, some of it still makes no sense to me! :)

Those faint memories, and the visual of Kapil lifting the WC, have now been irrevocably replaced by Dhoni's men in shining armour, bleeding blue, sweaty, grimy and teary eyed, from a battle well fought, and well won!

What a journey it was... India started well posting a huge score against the Bangladeshis in their opener, backed by a scintillating almost-double century by Sehwag, but the bowling looked scratchy, giving easy runs and seeming pretty harmless. Wins over Netherlands and Ireland were a given, but the team needed to fight for it. India fought back brilliantly against the English, but couldn't snatch a victory and had to settle for a tie. Against South Africa, the Indians looked set for a massive 400+ score, but capitulated in an inexplicable collapse, losing 9 wickets for 29 runs, and lost the game. With a victory against the West Indies, India came second in the group, setting up a semi final clash with the Australians.

Australia had beated India mercilessly in the 2003 finals, but Dhoni's men put those ghosts to rest in a clinical performance that ruined Ponting's career forever! Against the Pakistanis in the semis, the PM invited his counterpart for some peace initiatives, but the Indian team mercilessly mowed down their opposition, reducing them to dust. And finally, in Mumbai, on the night all India came to the party, they showed just why we are T20 champions, Test team No 1, ODI Team No 1 and ICC World Cup Champions.

It wasn't an easy feat by any means, and started out with a huge controversy when Sangakkara claimed a different toss than he had called, and even when it was audible on camera, Dhoni and the match referee gave in and a second toss was called. Sangakkara won the second toss, and elected to bat. A billion Indians were crestfallen - after all, only 3 out of 10 times, a team batting second had won a WC final. Add to that the fact that no host country had ever won. However, the Indians started positively, Zaheer's first spell included 3 maidens and a wicket, reading 5-3-6-1. India got rid of the feared Dilshan, Sangakkara and Tharanga with reasonable efficiency, but Mahela Jayavardena played a gem of an innings of 103* and gave Lanka a smashing 60+ runs in the batting powerplay to post a very dangerous 274.

No team had won in a WC final chasing anything more than 250, and India's hopes rested on a electrifying start by Sehwag and Tendulkar. However, just on the second ball of the innings, Sehwag was out, LBW to Malinga, and the nation was stunned into silence even before they had settled into their seats for the chase. Tendulkar looked calm and composed and hit some delectable shots, but fished outside his offstump at an outswinging Malinga slingshot, and India was in deep trouble at 31 for 2.

That is when the two Delhi lads took charge, Gautam going on to hit a masterful 97 while Virat batted beautifully for his 35. When Kohli departed to a C&B to Dilshan, in walked the captain Dhoni. He had not done too well as a batsman in the WC, but in the match of his life, he stood up, walking out to the pitch with his usual swagger, intent on proving a point. He started out very cautiously, nudging the ball around for some quick singles, and some scampering, and then slowly started cutting lose. India never lost sight of the RR, always kepeing it under 6, and when Gauti was bowled to a rare reckless shot at 97, Yuvraj joined his captain in the middle. There were to be no further hiccups, as the Indians went about their final 50 runs with ruthless efficiency. And if the Lankans thought they had any chance after a brilliant Malinga over brought the equation to 30 in 4 overs, Dhoni and Yuvraj ended their hopes in the next Kulasekara over with two smashing boundaries. Dhoni then followed with two fours in the next Malinga over, and finally, it was only fitting that Man of the Match Dhoni hit the winning runs through a massive six with his Man of the Tournament Yuvraj Singh at the other end. Dhoni ended with 91 not out in 79 balls.

As the nation erupted in a wild frenzy of celebrations, the men in blue were reduced to tears by the sheer bigness of the event - these brave men who had fought and bled through the past 50 days or so, were crying like babies. It was a moment that will be cherished forever.

Sachin had missed his 100th 100, but this Wolrd Cup was a fitting tribute to a living legend. As Kohli put it brilliantly, he had carried Indian cricket on his shoulders for 22 years, and today, it was only fitting that his team carried him on their shoulders around the stadium! Gary Kirsten, on his last assignment (he returns to SA now back to his family, having declined to continue his coaching engagement any more), who gave Indian cricket his all, was also carried around the stadium in a fitting tribute to him and his contribution in giving this country this WC.

As we left the theatre, blasting Chak De, Jai Ho, Hum Hindustani and De Ghumake from Samara's speakers, flags proudly waving from inside and outside the car, half its occupants sitting on the window sills, we were joined by hundreds of thousands of Indians... again, there was no caste, creed or religion today - just one identity - Indian! Even as hundreds of cops patrolled the streets to ensure there was no trouble, people poured out in their vehicles, while onlookers cheered and waved as if everyone of us had hit those winning runs! And for once, the cops simply smiled and clapped as vehicle after vehicle went by, people perched on the roofs, sitting on the window sills, and popping out from the skyroofs... everyone had come to the party.

And three hours later, when we returned home at 230 am and got our weary selves into bed, we finally made peace with it - India was world champion, and the world was at our feet!

Saturday, April 02, 2011


Bad Start

The two openers gone... Not the best start, but my heart says we will win :-)

So Far 50 - 50

35 overs gone, Lanka have put up 170 on the board for 3 wickets. Pitch is behaving good, score is not yet dangerous, but India would do well to get a couple of quick wickets to prevent Lanka from moving past 250.


The big day is here... India take on Sri Lanka in the finals of the 2011 World Cup. Each has won the cup once, and will look to regain the glory, though India seem firm favourites with the gods, the bookies, the coincidences and the what nots. Sachin and Murali both play their last match, and probably Zaheer too. With a 100 today, Sachin can get 100 100s, the Man of Match, the Man of Series, The Cup, and maybe a Bharat Ratna! What a way to retire!

Mumbai is decked up, and fortified.. with the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the RAF, Force One, NSG, Coast Guard and the Police on alert to repulse any stupid attacks. Three rings of defences around the stadium, amphibious crafts patrolling the sea.

I was in Cuffee Parade yesterday, passing by a few meters from Wankhede, and the Taj where the team is staying. Interesting feeling it is - visiting a spot where history will be made, before it is made :)

So what will Dhoni do today? Again, in my opinion, bat first and put up a good score, and put the Lankans under pressure in a high voltage chase with disciplined bowling and fielding. But here's the deal. Lanka has an excellent opening pair in great form, and Sangakkara can do great too. If they get off to a good start, India might be in trouble. This team has done well chasing under pressure, so it might as well be a good idea to put in the Lankans to bat, make it their problem to put up a good total, get the openers out cheaply - they have chased well, but setting up a target is another matter altogether - and then expose their weak and untested middle order, which is even further weakened by Angelo Matthews' injury. Wankhede has got a new pitch, the Lankans have played on it, the Indians haven't. But going by the past experiences, it's likely to be a turner, and Dhoni should play Ashwin instead of the injured Nehra. In any case, 3 seamers will be a mistake at Wankhede, and there might even be a case for playing Piyush, Harbhajan AND Ashwin, with Zaheer the only seamer, and the "part timer" Yuvi chipping in with another match winning 10 overs. Crazy? Maybe, but that's what shocks the opposition and destroys plans!

Ok, I need to go now, and get my India colors prepped up...

Go Indiayaaaah Go!