Monday, March 29, 2010


Just got Sanam's desktop upgraded - 1 GB RAM and Win 7, with Belkin's USB Wireless Adapter for connecting to my wireless broadband network.

My first computer was in my third year of Engg, with 4 MB RAM, 160 MB HDD, and 40 MHz 386 processor. I didn't have access to the Internet until I joined my MTech at IIT Bombay :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

IPL Fever: Cheerleader @ Coffee Day

Sneak Peek: On the Sets of Dum Maaro Dum

Met Bipasha and crew shooting for Dum Maaro Dum in Panaji the other night - we weren't allowed to shoot on the Carnival set, but managed a sneak peek anyway!

Dolphin Tour

Old Beetle in Goa

Goan BBQ

Had a fantastic BBQ at my place the other day, during my team's picnic to Goa. Crabs, prawns, fish, chicken, paneer and mushrooms... everyone ate to their heart's content. And then some more :)

Time Can Come Back, Opportunities Don't

We always talk about not wasting time, because it doesn't come back. However, we do have lots of time in life, and some time wasted might not be that disastrous after all. For example, you fight with your girl friend this weekend, you always have the next one to make up!

What doesn't come back are certain events and opportunities. That is when wastage of time becomes criminal. It's your last day on that Goa trip you waited for so long, that's when wasting the evening becomes unpardonable!

Morale of the story - it's OK to waste time sometimes, but NEVER lose an opportunity!

Do you need me...

Do you need me when you want to have a good time
do you have a good time when you are with me?

Small difference, but BIG difference!

It's My Life

It's my life
take it or leave it set me free
What's that crap-papa-know-it-all? I got my own life
Live your life and set me free mind your business
And leave my business you know everything papa-know-it-all
Very little knowledge is dangerous
Stop bugging me stop bothering me
Stop bugging me stop forcing me
Stop fighting me stop yelling me
It's my life.

It's my life
it's my life my worries
It's my life
it's my life my problem
sIt's my life
it's my life my worries
It's my life
it's my life my problems.

It's my life
do you understand?
I live the way I want to live
I make decisions day and night
show me signs and good exemples.
Stop telling people how to run your business
Take a trip to east and west you find
that you don't know anything
Every's getting tired of you sometime
you have to look and listen
You can even learn from me little knowledge is dangerous

It's my life.
It's my life ...
It's my life
set me free so you bed so you lie
What you see is what you get
listen to people and sort things out
Things I do I do them no more
things I say I say them no more
Changes comes once in life
Stop bugging me
stop bothering me
Stop bugging me
stop forcing me
Stop fighting me
stop yelling me
Stop telling me
stop seeing me

It's my life.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Movie Review: LSD (Love Sex Aur Dhoka)

For me, LSD is Loot, Sona, and Dhoka to the audience! This is about as crappy as a movie can get. Please donate the ticket money to some charity, and you will be far happier.

ps: Apparently what's running in the theatres is a highly censored version, but apart from some more voyeuristic scenes, I do not think we missed much!

A Special Cup of Tea

I was at a multiplex the other day with a friend of mine, and as we checked through security, I commented to my friend that the chai the security guys were having looked so inviting, and we asked the security guy where I could get such tea. He immediately said, yeh le lo na Sir, and offered the tea to us. As we walked away, with the tiny cup of tea in our hands, we realized that he had just offered his only cup of tea to us. Working day in and day out, for our security, he hadn’t even hesitated to think twice before offering us his one chance at a small break.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

KKR Wins

KKR started IPL 3 with a good win over DC, with Dada firmly back in the saddle and at his scheming, aggressive best :)

Go KKR Go!