Sunday, February 28, 2010

Movie Review: Karthik Calling Karthik

Good story - great suspense!
First half - a lot of fun
Deepika - HOT, her stylist needs a serious pat on his/her back! Awesome look!
Farhan - COOL
Songs - Awesome, check out Uff Yeh Ada, Jaane Ye Kya Hua, and Hey Na. They grow on you.

Overall, a good watch. Don't miss it.

Ideal Student :)

One of my school teachers won the Goa State Award for Teaching, and in his acceptance speech, he apparently referred to me as his ideal student :)

Wow, 20 years later!


Chak De India

India 4 Pak 1. Hockey World Cup.

It was just so awesome to see one of the forwards saluting the Indian flag after scoring... such a proud moment

Friday, February 26, 2010

Quote for the Day

Money, attitude and ego are like underwear. One should have it, but should not show it.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sachin Double Ton-dulkar

India thrashed the South Africans in a match that made history at Gwalior yesterday, taking an unbeatable 2-0 lead in the series, retaining the #2 spot in one dayers and firmly staking claim to be #1, following up with being numero uno in Test.

Backed by a "first time ever in the history of over 6 decades of one dayers" unbeaten double century by the Little Master, India posted a huge 401/3 and then demolished the South Africans under 250 to win the match that saw the Indians take not a single wrong step.

Tendulkar showed why he is the God of cricket in an innings so bereft of any blemishes, hitting around 25 boundaries, including some effortless hoists over the fence, making the South African bowlers, including world #1 Dale Styne look like galli cricketers. Karthik got a run a ball 80 something, Yusuf Pathan played a cameo 35 something, including 3 huge sixes, and then Dhoni played a captains knock of 60 something at the end to take India beyond 400, becoming the only team to cross that milestone thrice.

Way to go, India!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Movie Review: Up In The Air

Ryan leads a life out of a suitcase, flying around the country firing people for a living, until his company decides that it's more economical to do so over the Internet. And some other stuff. That's about it. Really.

Watch it only if you love George Clooney. Vera Farmiga looks good, too.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Movie Review: My Name Is Khan

I will try and keep this review completely objective and unbiased, none of the SRK-worshipping I am dying to do!

At the same time, I do need to make some more generic statements before I get to the movie itself. SRK is not just an actor, he represents the new, bold, aggressive India. Millions of young Indians the world over identify with his struggles, listen to his every word, and aspire to be like him. He represents dreams, and unlimited opportunities. A world of possibilities.

When SRK did a Chak De, it led to a serious revival of fortunes for our national game!

And today, with MNIK, SRK takes an extremely big step, taking India and Indians to the world stage like never before. A movie that couldn't be more relevant to the world today, a message desperately needed, a message that should be lapped up by every human being.

For me, MNIK wasn't just a movie. It was a life-changing experience. An experience whose lessons will remain with me all my life - my name is Khan and I am not a terorist.

And when liberal minded, educated, fairly secular guys like me can take so much from the movie, I can only imagine the wonders it can do to this world.

OK, now to the movie.

Rizwan Khan, an autistic with Asperger's syndrome, is on a mission to meet the President of the United States - to tell him that he is a Khan, and he is not a terrorist. To understand why, roll back a few years.

Rizwan Khan comes to America, sponsored by his younger brother. He meets and falls in love with Mandira, a single mother, and marries her. Life's perfect, and the family is complete. Until 9/11. As America struggles to cope with the tragedy, the Khans bear the burnt of racial hatred, and lose their son. And though he doesn't understand why being Muslim is a crime, Mandira has had enough. Get out of my life, she pleads with him. When do I come back, he asks her, in all his innocence. Go and tell the President, she says, that you are not a terrorist, and neither was Sam. He was just a baby, my baby.

Will he succeed in his mission?

Karan and SRK take the audience into an amazing journey through the United States, exploring its facets in a wonderful bouquet of experiences - seen through the childish innocence of Rizwan Khan. SRK plays a devout Muslim, but unlike his Chak De character, is very upcoming about what it means to be one. Namaz included. A wonderful introduction to "true" Islam, this one will make you see Muslims in a very different light!

There are some amazing moments in the movie, moments that will make you laugh, and cry, moments that are impossible not to get overwhelmed by. The "We will overcome" sequence in the church, the strip search at the airport, the sequence where Rizwan proposes to Mandira and makes a deal and the moment she proposes to him, are some of the very best.

The music is beautiful, a limited but wonderful set of numbers that just add so much to the movie. The songs aren't just relevant, but such an integral part of the screenplay, the movie wouldn't be the same without them. Karan doesn't just use background score, he takes the screenplay to a completely new level with it.

SRK puts in his best performance to date, going so far beyond the showman, letting the actor in him do the talking. From the gait to the flirting, unfocussed eyes, the blunt but innocent dialogues, the effect is mesmerizing. And Kajol, WOW... she looks so, so beautiful. Their chemistry is electric, they look so good together. Check the final sequence in Tere Naina, I can watch that over and over again, millions of times, and not have enough of it!

A beautiful movie, with a beautiful message, yet never getting heavy or philosophical, this is one movie you just cannot, cannot afford to miss.

I am gonna watch it at least a dozen times, 4 down, 8 more to go :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

India #1, Still

After a innings defeat in Nagpur, India came back in style to beat SA by an innings and 58 runs, to level the series and retain the world #1. After almost a whole day was lost yesterday due to rain, India would have been really disappointed if the last SA pair had survived for another 3-4 overs...

Good job, guys!!! Cheers!!!


For the first time today... effect of this stupid Dexona tabs I have been taking for my cough. Very scary, suddenly realising you are down on your knees, a cut on the hand, and a painful knee, watchman asking, Sir, Sir, are you OK?

Movie Review: My Name is Khan


That's all I can say for now, will need some more time before I can write a more sensible review :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Movie Review: Rann

A take on the "reality" of new channels today in the war for TRPs, Rann disappoints through its flat plot and predictive story line. Could have been a great thriller, but ends up being just a sermon.

AB is OK except the big sermon at the end, but Sudeep impresses in parts as Jay Malik, the bad guy. Ritesh is fine, he's better at comedy!

Nothing to boast about the soundtrack either.


Terror in Pune

A day after the country overwhelmingly rejected the Sena's politics of hate, and a day before the world celebrates love and togetherness on Valentine's Day, terror visited Pune in the form of a bomb blast at the popular German Bakery in Koregaon Park, claiming 9 and injuring around 50 peace-loving citizens and tourists, out to enjoy a beautiful weekend.

Pune's loss of innocence...

And while security forces took charge of the scene, and ordinary men and women pitched in to help the victims, Uddhav Thackeray went on TV to make yet another of his disgusting statements, "The police should take the victims not to hospital, but to the theatre, to watch MNIK".

Many have commented that the police found it more important to protect theatres and MNIK, and hence the blast occured - and I think this is a very childish argument. For one, this isn't about a movie. It's about the freedom of choice for people for country to do what they want to do without the threat of goondagiri and vandalism. By protecting MNIK, the police did a fabulous job protecting the law of the land, and the freedom of its people! Political parties cannot be allowed to hijack a country of a billion people based on the senile thoughts and comments of its leaders.

And let's be real please. There is no way in the world for a police force, no matter how sophisticated and strong, to monitor every hangout, every restaurant, every roadside eatery, every bakery... for days and years... If only the waiter who opened the parcel had decided to call the police instead, this tragedy could have been averted!

14 months of peace has come to a shattering end, but the country will need to move on. We cannot let terror win.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It Gets Funnier from the SS

Sanjay Raut: It's not aam aadmi seeing the movie, it's Congress workers and the police watching the movie, the aam aadmi is with the SS

Lol lol

Joke for the Day

Bala Sir saying, the stir has been successful, no one came to see the movie!

Sirjee, aap kaunsa channel dekh rahe the all day? :)


And while MNIK grabbed headlines today, one incident yesterday was equally heartening... another slap in the face of the so called moral police in Bangalore, when the SRS chief's face was blackened by ordinary citizens who stand up for individual choice and freedom.

Go India Go...

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Name is Khan and I am Not a Coward

MNIK opened to a rousing welcome across the world, and while the jury is still out on the movie, one thing is certain - and heartening. This man has the balls to stand up to the cowards, one man against the shame of Mumbai. And with packed halls across the city and across the country, the people of this country have showed once and for all that dirty politics of hate and separatism will no longer work in this country.

The police and Mr Chavan might have taken a lot of flak in the past few days for having been soft on the law breakers, but I think today the government also deserves a pat on the back - good job, Mr Chavan! Once more, subtle but effective!

Can't wait to see the movie now! SRK is always the King, but Kajol looks simply beautiful!

Quote for the Day

if my partners lose so be it. if i lose so be stardom is integrity in non being indian unquestionable.

SRK on Twitter.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Uff Teri Ada

Check out the Uff Teri Ada song from Karthick Calling Karthik. Beautiful music, very different sound, very, very catchy.. and very peppy. Listening to it on continuous loop since last 15 mins :)

Friday, February 05, 2010

Movie Review: Ishqiya

In the Omkara genre, Ishqiya will entertain, humour and shock you till the end. The cast is simply superb, Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad share a unique chemistry on screen, and Vidya Balan sizzles as the not-so-innocent seductress. The story is interesting, although you lose the plot towards the end.

The sound track is interesting, with some eminently hummable songs that will grow on you.

Worth a watch, has some light moments, but is essentially serious stuff.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The New Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Check out the new Mile Sur video at

I loved the end, and I loved the new, young look representing the new young India. Watch out for Salman's mime with the deaf and dumb, SRK at the end with the sea link in the background and Rahman's music pad.

What I didn't like though was that this is all Bollywood, I would loved to see some of our sports icons, young politicans and industry leaders too!