Sunday, April 20, 2008

Knight Riders March On

SRK's Dada-led KKR continued the winning form at the IPL, beating Hyderabad's Deccan Chargers in an exciting, very tight, low scoring match at Eden Gardens. DC won the toss and elected to bad on a monster of a wicket, doing well to get 110, and then started tightening the screws on KKR right away, reducing them to 23/3 and just about 30 odd in 10 overs. Dada and D Hussey then put all their experience and maturity to the test, taking KKR into the final overs, before a late charge in the penultimate over saw KKR pull it off.

There was an interesting break in the 17th over when one of the pylons simply went off, plunging the stadium into a bit of darkness and a lot of uncertainity - at that time, the scores were tied by the D/L system, and had the lights not come back on, we would have been treated to a bowl-out! :)

KKR have now won 2 out of 2, and though there is still a lot of cricket left in the tournament, they certainly look set to Korbo Lorbo Jetbo Re :)

Interestingly, there were around 70,000 spectators in the park - easily beating audiences for most international games! Any way you look at it, the IPL really, truly rocks!

Movie Review: Krazzy 4

Krzaay 4 is about 4 mental patients out of the hospital, taking on corruption and wickedness with their simplicity and innocence, while trying to save their kidnapped doctor (Juhi). The story is OK, with some shades of fun, but with a cast that included Irrfan and Arshad, the movie really disappoints and fails to deliver.

EXCEPT, of course, for the SRK Krazzy 4 song - it was totally, totally worth it :) SRK is too, too sexy, and the sheer energy in the song - man, it would make a dead man jump out of bed!

The Hrithik number at the end of the movie is OK, would probably be a treat for his true fans.

Oh, and yes, a final tip - stay away from the Rakhi Sawant song - unless you want to be celibate for the next few months....

I Love IPL!

As the IPL kicked off this week, there were a lot of questions asked, and a lot of naysayers who predicted the death of cricket and the commercialization of what was once a gentlemen's game. Corruption and commercializatin apart, questions were also asked about whether such a concept even makes sense - it had always been about supporting the country, how would we identify with teams composed of former rivals in international cricket? And what would SRK and Preity Zinta do, other than reduce the game to a circus?

Just two days into the tournament, I have become a huge fan!

The games have been of the highest quality, cricket has been at the centerstage, the entertainment of the highest order. Money has been spent well in sprucing up the stadiums, and the facilities, meeting the best international standards. Crowds have been pouring in, the atmosphere electric.

And think about it - where else would you be able to see Zaheer bowling to Dada, Ishant sending Dravid's stump cartwheeling? Where else would you be able to enjoy Brett Lee being taken on by Hayden? Yuraj hugging Lee, Dada congratulating Ponting for a catch well taken? And the rule that a team can play at most 4 foreign players has also ensured that there is plenty of junior Indian talent in action - this is absolutely the best that could have happened to Indian cricket. Imagine getting a chance to face Zaheer and Brett Lee and Murlidharan and Shane Warne, all in a 45 day period? Pitting your bowling against Symonds, Sachin, Dada, Hussey, Afridi?

Well, I do hope IPL doesn't kill international cricket as we know it, but then, it wouldn't be SUCH a big price to pay :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Grand Spectacle - IPL Kicks Off!

The DLF Indian Premier League T20 spectacle kicked off in super grand style today, with a shock-and-awe inspiring opening ceremony in Bangalore. Lasers and lights, gymnasts descending from wires strung across the stadium, blazing fireworks, cheer leaders, and the roars of the crowds - the IPL seemed to be announcing to the world, the modern India has arrived!

At the time of writing this, SRK's Kolkata Knight Riders, led by Dada, were on 77-1 in 9 overs.

Postscript: KKR went on to make 222, powered by a record unbeaten 158 from 73 from McCullum, before bowling out the Bangalore Royal Challengers led by Dravid for a huge 140 run victory, to start the campaign in style.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Movie Review: Shaurya

Ripped off from "A Few Good Men", Shaurya is the story of an Indian Army officer under court martial for the murder of his superior during a anti-terrorist raid. Unfortunately, it falls flat when compared to the drama and the intensity in the original. Rahul Bose is good, Minissha Lamba is awesome and very pretty.

The movie was a disappointment to me, but I guess if you haven't watched the original - you might actually like it!

Movie Review: The Eyes

Jessica Alba. Awesome. That's all there is to the eyes - the rest is boring and nonsense. But Jessica Alba, oh, so completely worth it :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na

Watching KHKN for the last couple of hours - and the movie has transported me into that beautiful innocent age of the early nineties in Goa - times when we didn't have cell phones and Internet and GTalk, no targets and projections, no customer calls. When key decisions included what to wear to college, and which lecture to bunk and what to have in the canteen. When dreams weren't as big, and achievements were small, but happiness was from deep within. When tears were few but precious, when smiles were genuine and frequent.

The movie captures everything so beautifully. The innocence of the characters, the feelings, the problems. The lovely countryside. The simple songs, the simple story.

Everything was so less complicated.

I want those days back...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bringing out the Best

Too many times, we spend efforts and time working on what's wrong and try and improve it, make it better. Especially in relationships, also at work. Last few days have opened my mind to two things I heard in the past, but didn't pay too much attention to... but feels like it has a lot of meaning today!

Firstly, admit it - what is wrong today, will in most probability, remain that way. A friend's nature, behaviour, a colleague's skills. Water scarcity, pollution, traffic. If at all, it'll probably get worse. Accept it, and then start working on how to make the best of the situation. Most of the times, we refuse to accept it. Or we tend to believe all we need to do is want, and things will improve. Sorry boss, it most probably will stay that way!

Secondly, instead of wasting time improving what's weak or creating what is not there, spend that energy on strenghening what is right. What is good, what is positive.

We spend too much effort trying to make leaders out of good programmers who cannot take decisions or speak out! We try asking them to conduct sessions, ask them to try and manage customer calls. When friends do not speak to us when they are down, we try asking them to be less introverted and to share their problems with us. And we just screw up.

Let's look at what works. And let's make that stronger. That should take enough time and effort, and will definitely have a much higher impact! And life's short anyway...